Ebb Tide: Article – A garden of flowers (The beauty of the flowers)


A garden of flowers – the beauty of the flowers

The sweet scent of the flowers wakes me up in the morning daily, before the crack of dawn. I always resemble a bee obsessed with the scent of the flowers-especially to the rose. I get up gradually and open the window-pane and I see the glorious sight of the flowers to smell the sweet perfume. I start to think about flowers and many ideas circulate my thoughts. If someone had ever given me a gift that I would cherish for the rest of my life it must be my aunt who first presented me the flower garden. I can totally relate this to the quote made by the American poet ‘Susan Polis Shutz’ about flowers.

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair!”

Last night I imagined speaking with the sunflower. It asserted that it enjoys the sun’s rays greatly. I even kissed it and spoke my heart out about how much I treasured it. God must have been a genius and an artist of exceptional talent to create many combinations of colours and varieties of flowers and we human beings do not even notice the beauty in it. The other day I saw a man mashing up a rose under his feet as his lover had not accepted his proposal. It was such a humiliation to a flower! Men will only improve themselves and be aware when there will be a law saying that men should not harm flowers and plants.

Flowers are essential to us as they hook up us to the globe and create the surroundings to look wonderful. Though flowers wither off and die soon they are still regarded the most precious gifts that we can provide to a friend. Flowers also show the wonder on earth. When I see flowers, there is a sensation that surrounds me and I feel blessed.

Further speaking, flowers are used to worship gods and they are considered, a token of love and devotion. The image of the sanctum is decorated with vibrant flowers and they satisfy the Lord.

Personally, I feel very proud that there are some beautiful artistic elements in life to be glad about and flowers are one of them that give a strong positive energy to us. The world would be a duller place without flowers, I think again.




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