Ebb Tide: Article – Entertainment in a child’s lifestyle

Entertainment in a child's lifestyle

Entertainment in a child’s lifestyle

After hours of studying and writing the exams, the school bell rings. The children then rush outside shouting and screaming happily. Yes! School days are over and summer has arrived. It’s holiday time for children to play and have fun.

Entertainment is crucial and necessary in a child’s lifestyle. Without some kind of amusement or delight children get bored, tired and disappointed. Entertainment plays a significant role in the upbringing process of a child. It allows a child develops his/ her skills and help him/her learn and understand new things. Entertainment gives a sense of refreshment for the kid and it also gives parents a possibility to rest from their children for some time, making themselves busy in their own entertainment activities. Yet, there is no specific way of entertainment that is helpful for a child’s growth.

Here are some of the ways the children find entertainment in.

1) Television: Television plays an important role in developing general knowledge in a child. One of the best educative channels for kids are ‘Discovery kid’s channel’ and ‘CBeebies’ (for preschoolers) which helps explore the amazing world around them. Such types of educative programs in channels helps a child to nurture his knowledge and to understand new things. There are also different quiz programs and activity programs in channels that can stimulate a child’s thinking. There are also different language programs which helps kids to learn languages. It is very important that parents allow their children to watch these informative and language programs from the beginning of their childhood. Examples of informative channels are ‘Discovery, ‘National Geographic, and ‘Animal planet’ which features documentaries especially for younger audiences. Such TV channels helps children to learn, imagine and look at the world around them differently.

2) Sports Activities: We all know the saying—”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

Sports activities are the best form of physical entertainment for children. Parents need to encourage physical activities for children who like to play. Children must also take part in activities like summer clubs, indoor games, outdoor games and party games.

3) Wild Life and recreation: Parents should also take children out to wild life sanctuaries. Wild life sanctuaries are important source of information for children as they make sure the animals are protected. One of the most important missions of wild life sanctuaries, beyond protecting and caring for the animals, is in educating the public.

Here children can take part in different activities like fishing, bird watching and horse riding.

4) Keeping animals pets: Keeping pets will keep children entertained for long. A pet will be like a companion for a child and will encourage playfulness and laughter. When a child trains a pet he/she will take part in exercise along with the pet. Kids need to choose the right pet cat or dog that they like owning, as pets can ease loneliness and change the kids lifestyle.


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