Neap Tide: Poetry – A Lake of Grapes

purple lake

Purple lake

One after one,
He threw into the lake
Smooth and round they were,
Those black, sweet grapes

Plop and plop
They fell into the lake
and this plop and plop sound,
Delighted the boy’s face..

The boy threw all of them
And got up from his place
Picking his large basket,
To see my surprised face

“Why, boy”
“Why did you throw the grapes into the lake?”
“Are there no other boys in this town to take?”
“You could only have eaten them all, for God’s sake!”

“Sorry sir”
“I am very sorry”
“I am very, very sorry to tell you this sir!”
“The lake you are seeing is my grape lake!!
For I have been making grape juice
Out of this very lake”
“I am coming here from an year
And dropping these grapes into the lake
It’s a promise I made to myself
A promise that I cannot break..
But I know that,
One or the other day,
I will know that
My efforts have not gone to a waste
And this would be a lake of grapes
And that final day,
I will drink all the grape juice that I made”


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