Neap Tide: Poetry – The Player of the Flute



In my dreams–I walk to an enchanted land,
A land of delights–far away
Crossing the silent forests and the running rivers
Holding a bag of flutes on my shoulder-
I stop near the abyss of a waterfall,
and I look around to see that I am alone

Gazing at the heavenly stars, I feel
Blissful and mesmerised,
When I take out the flute from the bag
To play it to my heart’s core

I start to play the flute,
Soon becoming lost in music’s charm,
I forget myself and the world around me

Days soon turn into nights,
And nights to weeks,
But my flute play goes on

Weeks turn to months,
And months to years,
But my flute play goes on

Years turn to decades
And decades to centuries
As I finally wait for God
Who arrives in his chariot
He, captivated by my music,
Commands me to continue to play flute in heaven

I sit in the chariot next to God
and I continue to play my flute
And the chariot speeds away,
Into infinity, eternity and heaven
Completely rapt in my own music…


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