Neap Tide: Poetry – Atop a tall tree house

Tall treehouse

Tall treehouse

Atop a tall tree house
He starts to write,
Of his lavish brilliant life,
In short, sweet poems

He writes and writes
In the company of birds
and the woodpecker
Who pecks on the tree

He writes and writes,
Dreaming, thinking, brooding,
As his thoughts fly and scatter
Rapidly in all different directions

He writes and writes,
From noon to sunset
And finally finishes his work,
And then closes his book!

He takes his pen
Places it in his pocket
& looks at the road below

At last,
He climbs down the tree
Buries his notebook
Takes a new book out of his bag,
& starts to walk with his pen in hand.

On a lonely road,
To begin a wondrous journey,
To find other tree houses,
And other tall trees..





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