Neap Tide: Poetry – Rebirth



On his deathbed

He moans and waits,

And expects things

To change very soon.


He would get up and walk in a little while,

He thinks,

He would be able to smile again,

And laugh like a baby,

With innocence stuffed inside.


He would go round the world again

He thinks,

And meet many strangers

Seeing  places,

Having many adventures.


He would collect more books

He thinks,

And arrange it in dusty shelves

He would collect more paintings

Of sceneries and of women.


He would teach many children

He thinks,

Turning them into budding artists

He would gift them sweet candies,

And bless them a grand future.


He would laze in the sun

He thinks,

He would dance in the rain

He thinks,

He would swim at the beach

He thinks,

He would gaze at the stars

He thinks,

And climb the steep hill

To watch the world from above.


As nighttime comes,

He thinks,

He would visit the grave of his wife

And cover it up with lovely flowers

And think of the time when he first saw her

And how he fell in love with her

The first sight by the river-front.


But as time draws near,

He closes his eyes

And waits till his dream stops.


As his end comes to a close,

He takes his final breath,

And his soul transmigrates,

Entering a new body.


He is born again,

As a lovely child,

With innocence stuffed inside

And his whole new world begins..


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