Ebb Tide: Article – The Benefits of Reading Books

Child reading books

A child reading books

Reading skills are necessary in today’s world. They benefit us both mentally and morally making us forget our own problems in life. Reading gives us an understanding of the various things in life and the world. Reading also helps us gain knowledge and stimulate our thinking abilities.

Here are a few benefits of reading books–

Reading makes us grasp writing styles of others

Everybody has his or her own writing style. Writing style is a manner in which an author chooses to write to his/ her audience. A style discloses both the writer’s personality and voice, but it also shows how she or he views the audience. Reading helps us write better adopting our own writing style and to follow a special writing skill of an author.

Reading books can help us grow

We can learn new terms and words, expand our vocabulary, and improve our grammar skills through reading. Reading also keeps us up to date with language and modern vocabulary or slang of a particular city/ country.

Reading stirs imagination/ swirls creativity in children

We need to introduce children to books early on. In addition, reading aloud to kids has many benefit. It cultivates a long-term love of reading and studying for the child. We need to select the right books for them to read. Books like ‘Aesop’s fables’ or ‘Grimm’s fairy tales’ would stimulate them. ‘The Ramayan’ and ‘The Mahabharath’ will make children to develop their ethical values. Also, reading books can help children spark their imagination introducing them to wide range of ideas, concepts and experiences.

A book can be our companion when we travel

When we travel to far places, we can always carry a book with us. We can read books amidst nature trails enjoying and relishing every word we read. We can read books in a huge library laden with books or a green park that is nearby or a coffee shop, drinking a cup of coffee. There is a quote by Dr. Seuss, a celebrated author that comes to my mind right now.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”, he says.

In conclusion, reading is important as it develops our critical language skills, provides us with entertainment, as well as opening our world. We should also know that there are many wonderful books out there for us to read and enjoy. Thus, we need to read often, choosing good books to read and once we get the taste of reading we would never stop.


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