Neap Tide: Poetry – The Silver Star

Silver Star

Silver Star

I saw a silver frost star high up in the sky,

It looked very bright shining with glow!

I guessed that I had my company for the day

I talked to it, as I said “Hello”

It told me that it could see everything from above

It could see two lovebirds proposing their love.

It could see greenery over the hills

And an old grandmother swallowing some pills!

It could see the penguins in the snow

And two men involved in a row!

It could see the big moon and the blue sea

Also a little baby drinking tea!

Having said this, the silver star began to snore,

And I suddenly realized that the time was four.

I climbed my bed and immediatly slept,

Forgetting the silver star as dawn slowly crept…


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