Ripples – Imaginary Experiences – A lovely day

A lovely day

A lovely day

I sat in the beach sand and looked at the children playing. I could see my little girl next to me, with rosy cheeks who was busy building a sand castle. She was shouting at her mommy, saying that she had almost finished making it.  I suddenly felt that I loved everything about the beach—the mangroves, the salt scented air, the surfers and the children who are playing joyfully. It would not get beautiful than this, I thought.

After some time, having enjoyed the view, I got up and turned to leave – when a small wave crashed to the sand and came up to my feet. Then I noticed my child crying and I turned to see the sand castle which had got destroyed by the wave.  I immediately knew what I had to do.  I saw a small toy store by the beach. I ran and bought her a big toy castle, which I believed would delight her. I gave it to my daughter and said “Keep this one safe”.  My girl’s face brightened up. She took the gift, hugging and thanking me. By gifting a toy to my little girl, I knew that I had begun such a lovely day!


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