I Believe In Me – Short Inspirational Documentary Film

“Disability is a just state of mind.” When you have the power to dream, to achieve bigger things in life – there’s nothing that would ever come to match it. The intention to travel the world with intense desire in his heart, the protagonist of this film narrates all his longings, dreams and captures our hearts with the most powerful element – BELIEF. With belief, he will keep travelling in the journey of life – to achieve things and accomplish great stuff and no hurdles can stop him in the journey of achievement.

This film is a testament that states that life is a miracle, the world is a beautiful place as always, possibilities are endless and dreams can just be wonderful and achievable.

A short film by Srinidhi Ranganathan that moves you to the core.

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Inspirational Documentary – Writing is Beauty

Most powerful inspirational documentary short film about writing: Get inspired now. Created by Srinidhi Ranganathan

What comes to your mind – when I say – writing. Is it art? Is it fire? Or is it passion? All these 3 combine to form an amazing activity that is writing.

To become a writer you must first read. You must know how words are put together on a page to craft an incredible story. You must know how words can create emotions in your reader’s minds. You must understand that art is about more than words on a paper, it is about style and arrangement and lastly beauty.

A writer appreciates the beauty of the written and spoken word and aims to create some of that magic in his own voice – in his own tone – in his own style..

If you are to be a writer it is already in you, lurking somewhere. It has been on your thoughts. You can see a string of few words and appreciate the subtle beauty of the arrangement. Each word you are to put to paper has to be analyzed and analyzed until you have the best arrangement of words those sentences could possibly ever have.

If you are a writer you will have a unique voice. Your voice is your particular style and diction. Your voice is pulled from here, there and everywhere until you have a style you are to call your own.

When you have this style, when you put words to paper, when people read your words and cry or laugh or scream or excite themselves then – then you are an an artist. – a creator. You are an incredible person who has the power to evoke emotions in people, put them in a world of your own. At that time, my dear friend, you can proudly tell you that you are a writer.

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Get inspired and motivated now.

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Inspirational Video Poem – She Climbed the Mountain

This inspirational video poem is about a woman who climbs the Mount Everest and celebrates her efforts in achieving this feat. I was inspired to write this poem and the main source of my inspiration is the theme is achievement and how people react to accomplishing their goals with hard work, persistence and perseverance and how they find exulting joy as they celebrate and feel blissful about what they did thanking God. So heres the poem. I believe that this would strike a cord and motivate everyone, serving as an encouragement factor.

Thank you.

I dedicate this poem to my parents, my relatives, my friends and everyone who has encouraged me in the course of my life. Thank you.

Poem Lyrics:

On the top of Mount Everest,
She stands,
Reaching its precipice
Taking a deep breath,
& beaming with joyous pride

On the top of Mount Everest,
She stands,
Reaching its precipice
Thanking the Almighty Lord
For giving her the strength
To climb all the way

On the top of Mount Everest,
She stands,
Reaching its precipice
Looking up to the glorious sky,
Feeling her spirits soar,
As she shines at the top of the world!

– Written by Srinidhi.R