Neap Tide: Poetry – The wonderful world of fairy tales



On the darkest nights beside the fireplace

When the moon is high and the sky is gray,

We read the fairy tales with joy and delight,

For we ought to finish it by midday!

They are the most delightful reads,

With Cinderella and Snow White!

We let our imagination run wild,

And once again we turn into a lovely child!

We slowly enter the land of fairy tales,

Where peace and love always prevails!

With happiness having no bounds,

And we attain the glorious state!

We wake up in a wonderful place

In the heart of fairy tales,

And meet the angel of love and grace,

And the light shines upon her beautiful face!

She grants our wishes and bestows happiness

And we return home in a blissful state!

Fairy tales has just united us,

In a magical world,

In a magical place!


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